Medical Resources in Alabama 

Leading Alabama Medical Facilities

UAB Medicine

UAB Medicine, an academic medical center located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a national and international leader in healthcare. Their focus on innovation and providing the latest treatment often gets them recognition as a Best Hospital from U.S. News & World Report. For patients suffering from asbestos related disease and health issues, UAB Medicine is a top resource. Their dedicated pulmonology services provide treatment for diseases such as asbestosis, lung disease, and other asbestos exposure injuries. The asbestos doctors within the pulmonary services department are highly trained, and according to UAB are, “continually seeking new ways to treat lung disease and improve the techniques and care for transplant patients while contributing to the body of knowledge about lung disease.”

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Neurosurgical Associates, PC

Neurosurgical Associates, PC is a neurosurgical care facility in Birmingham, Alabama, with additional treatment centers in Hoover, Alabama; Trussville, Alabama; and Cullman, Alabama. The traumatic brain injury doctors at Neurosurgical Associates, PC are board-certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons and are often featured in the news for using the latest treatments for brain injuries, such as minimally invasive spine surgeries and new technologies for spinal fusions.

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Medical Center Enterprise

Medical Center Enterprise is a community healthcare provider in Enterprise, Alabama. Forty doctors make up the facility, each focusing on emergency medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, and more. Medical Center Enterprise also has a deep focus on pulmonology care. They provide “a wide variety of diagnostic, preventive, and treatment services for diseases that affect breathing and lung function.” They have dedicated pulmonologists who work with specialists, cardiologists, radiologists, and surgeons to ensure the best course of treatment.

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University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center

A sector of UAB Medicine, the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is known worldwide as a leader in cancer care. The center cares for those suffering from a variety of cancers, including cancers of the breast, brain, head, neck, and lungs. For asbestos disease and those suffering from mesothelioma, the center has a dedicated Mesothelioma Treatment Section where patients can find care and support and can undergo surgery.

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North Alabama Medical Center

Located in Florence, Alabama, North Alabama Medical Center (NAMC) is the largest and most comprehensive medical facility in the region. Known for having the only full-service heart program in northwest Alabama, NAMC also has a dedicated pulmonology team focused on critical care. They diagnose and treat a variety of lung and breathing conditions and focus on providing patients with a better quality of life. Dr. Edsel P. Holden II, Dr. A. Lynn Ridgeway, and Dr. Felix A. Morris lead the pulmonary care team at the hospital.

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Renowned Alabama Medical Doctors

Francisco Robert-Vizcarrondo, MD

As the Chief of Hematology/Oncology at the Birmingham VA Hospital and an oncologist/hematologist at the Kirklin Clinic of University of Alabama (UAB) Hospital, Dr. Robert-Vizcarrondo is a well-known mesothelioma doctor specializing in lung cancer. He has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on mesothelioma and has participated in a pilot study on bisphosphonate therapy in patients with malignant mesothelioma. If you have been exposed to asbestos and are looking for an asbestos exposure injury doctor in Alabama, Dr. Robert-Vizcarrondo can help. 

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John C. Brockington, MD

Dr. Brockington works as a neurologist in Alabama, focusing on a range of brain injuries and disorders. He has been named a regional top doctor and is certified with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He can be found at UAB Hospital and Highlands Medical Center in Alabama. 

Dr. Benjamin Wei, MD

Dr. Wei works as a thoracic surgeon at the Kirklin Clinic of UAB, where he has worked since 2013. He also worked as the program director of cardiothoracic residency at the UAB Hospital. His specialties include mesothelioma care and robotic surgeries for the treatment of lung cancer. Dr. Wei has received the American Board of Surgery Certification in Surgery, the Premier’s Award for Health and Medical Research and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery Head and Neck Research Prize. 

Mark Dransfield, MD

Dr. Dransfield is the Medical Director of the UAB Lung Health Center and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Dr. Dransfield also serves as Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine. His main area of focus includes lung cancer and patients suffering from COPD. 

Alabama Home Care Services 

When suffering from illness, it’s important to many to have the option to be treated and cared for from the comfort of one’s own home. Depending on the severity of the case, patients have access to hospice care, home aid care and even home-based infusion therapies. Others may also consider having medical equipment sent to their home so treatments can be done without the help of an aid or the need to go to the hospital. In Alabama, some options for home care include:

Marshall Medical Centers Health System

Located in Albertville, Alabama, Marshall Medical Centers is known for their comprehensive care facility, including a pulmonology center focused on managing respiratory disorders often related to asbestos exposure. In addition to their facility, Marshall also offers the Alabama community home care services. Whether you are suffering from cancer or other diseases, Marshall has the resources to provide treatment in your own home. According to Marshall Medical, their medical centers ranked above state and national average in a government-run study.

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DCH Health System

DCH Home Health Care has been providing treatment and care to patients at home for over 80 years. Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, DCH serves West Alabama offering nursing care, personal care, pain management, medication monitoring, tracheostomy care and more. Their programs range from telemonitoring, which is used for early intervention and proactive care, to a safe-at-home program, which provides education about medications and home care.

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Alabama HomeCare

Alabama HomeCare is located in Camden, Alabama and offers services including pain management, care transitions, medication management and more. They focus on not only the patient, but also the family of the patient, ensuring that everyone involved is taken care of and understands the treatment process.

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CarePathways is a service that matches patients with the right local home care service. In Alabama, both skilled care and non-medical care is offered to those in need. Skilled care includes the care of a trained nurse, therapy and often, scheduled home visits to clients who are homebound. Non-medical care includes services like helping with personal care, cooking and providing meals, medication reminders and help getting to and from doctor appointments.

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Alabama Patient Transport Services 

When someone is diagnosed with an illness or is injured, they may need to attend treatments, possibly seeing a variety of doctors. The hurt or injured may be needed for frequent trips to and from the hospital. Not all patients have the access, or ability, to travel to these appointments on their own. Local Alabama patient transport services provide those patients with access to a driver or transportation service.

Medical Transport of Alabama (MTA)

Serving the entire state of Alabama, MTA is an emergency medical transportation company that provides transportation for those undergoing cancer care, dialysis, or other treatments. They have vehicle options for those requiring a wheelchair and offer both emergency and non-emergency transportation. All drivers are CPR certified.

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CASA of Limestone County

CASA is located in Athens, Alabama and serves Limestone County residents in need of transportation to medical appointments. They also provide wheelchair ramps when needed. Transportation is carried out by volunteers to ensure patients do not have to pay for services.

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ACC Medlink

With a focus on comfort, ACC Medlink offers a fleet of Mercedes vehicles to transport patients. They offer non-emergency transport that is cost effective and effortless, taking patients from their homes to the hospital. They also offer state-of-the-art ground transport that “functions as a hospital room on wheels” for emergency situations. Those receiving treatments outside of Alabama, or looking to come to Alabama for treatment from a different state can use ACC Medlink’s state-to-state medical transport.

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Mental Health Support in Alabama 

Receiving a cancer or serious illness diagnosis is never easy, especially when that disease may have been prevented, like an asbestos exposure disease, or an injury caused by another’s negligence. When presented with a diagnosis like mesothelioma, brain injury, lung disease, or other life altering disease, it is often helpful to talk with others who are experiencing the same health concerns as you are. There are services in Alabama in place to help you cope with illness and the mental challenges that often accompany them.  

The Cancer Hope Network

The Cancer Hope Network connects those suffering from cancer with others who have been in similar situations. They train volunteers in one-on-one support and match you with locals in your area. The Cancer Hope Network’s goal is to help you become mentally strong to handle your diagnosis and get you through treatment. 

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Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama

The Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama has five locations throughout the state, located in Morgan, Limestone, and Lawrence counties. They provide mental health services to people of all ages and have licensed nurses, social workers, and doctors on staff to help patients and their loved ones.

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St. Vincent’s Birmingham Bruno Cancer Center

Specific to Alabama residents, the St. Vincent’s Birmingham Bruno Cancer Center is a local center that offers support programs to those suffering from cancer. They offer cancer support groups for patients and families, nutrition counseling, and support groups for survivors. They also have individual support groups for specific types of cancer, along with a caregiver support group and a group for those who have lost loved ones to the disease.

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American Cancer Society

As one of the most well known cancer support networks, the American Cancer Society has remained dedicated to helping those diagnosed with all varieties of cancer. American Cancer Societies’ online platforms help patients understand their diagnosis, and sheds light on what a patient can expect so they may begin treatment strong and informed. In addition to helping patients, the American Cancer Society puts a strong focus on caregivers, offering families and loved ones the support they need as well.

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Personal Injury Legal Help in Alabama 

Turnbull Law Firm

If you have suffered from an injury you believe was caused by someone else’s negligence, whether it be a workplace accident, a car accident, an injury from medical malpractice or other personal injury causes, Turnbull Law Firm will ensure your rights are protected and will represent your best interests. Turnbull’s team of experienced attorneys are not afraid to fight against large corporations and insurance companies with their gang of “big shot” lawyers. They understand the pain and helplessness you may be suffering and will work to restore feelings of optimism and hope in you and your family.

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The Law Center connects people who have been wrongfully injured with leading local attorneys who specialize in the practice area relevant to the injured’s case. From asbestos exposure to traumatic brain injury, to slip and fall cases, The Law Center is dedicated to ensuring that victims get matched with attorneys who will fight for them and their claim. Fill out the form below or call our always available support at 205-649-7140 for immediate assistance.