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Legal justice for all Floridians

The Law Center connects Floridians with top local attorneys who understand what specific details, documentation, and timelines, medically and legally, need to be followed to successfully file a claim and win restitution within the Florida justice system. To move each client through the legal process by specific case, The Law Center also provides each client with access to highly-relevant information, resources, and community support through its network of legal and medical experts. If you or someone you love needs a Florida personal injury attorney that understands that you are not at fault, that your rights need to be protected, and that recovery requires the maximum in eligible compensation, The Law Center Florida personal injury attorneys are ready for the fight.


Providing Floridians with the specialized help they need in a centralized source of information and support regarding claim specific injuries, illnesses, and property damage.


Experienced Florida attorney's can identify your eligibility for compensation, define next steps, legally and medically, and move you toward getting the maximum compensation available.


Connect with The Law Center Florida and you have access to the case relevant information, resources, and support you need, all provided by a national network of leading attorneys and medical professionals.

The Law Center’s national network of firms covers other practice areas including CORONAVIRUS business interruption, employer neglect, asbestos exposure CANCER, and more.

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Car Accidents
Slip and Fall Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Boating Accidents
Bus Accidents
Truck Accidents
Spinal Cord Injury
Bad Drugs
Burn Accidents
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Defective Drugs
Product Liability
Defective Medical Devices
Construction Accidents
Workplace Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Abuse
Commercial And Business Litigation
Premise Liability
Civil Rights
Class Action
Sports And Entertainment Law

Compensation And Justice For Floridians

Devastating injuries, illness, and damage of property can seem overwhelming and cause feelings of hopelessness. The Law Center Florida can help you work through the trauma physically, mentally, and financial. Then together, we can force the negligent to justice making them responsible through maximum compensation.

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The Russo Firm represented me for an automobile accident. Mr. Russo not only fought to reduce my medical bills, they continued fighting until I received compensation.

Amy L.

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After being hit by a car, I was faced with thousands of dollars in hospital bills. Anthony Russo explained the entire process in a way I was able to easily understand. They made sure I was awarded compensation.

Julian D.

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Even though I did not have the biggest case, and was turned down by other law firms, Mr. Russo and his staff always treated my case with the highest priority and attention.

Victor D.

The Law Center Logo

I have been so blessed to have Anthony Russo assist regardless of the case or need. Mr. Russo was available to answer any question or concern. His team advocated for us always resulting in favorable and fair resolutions.

Robin F.

Uplifting Stories

Our clients have suffered and they have overcome. Their stories are inspirational. Everyday our lives are filled with their courage to protect and provide for themselves and the ones they love. Take a look at how these Floridians went from suffering to recovering.

Our Featured Florida Partner, The Russo Firm

The attorneys at The Russo Firm have been involved in cases resulting in settlements in excess of $1 Billion. Our attorneys have a long track record of success and have been involved in numerous landmark legal cases over the past 25 years. Our commitment is evidenced in the proven results of our verdicts and settlements.

Visit The Russo Firm

The Russo Firm takes pride in client relationships and are privileged to have served them in litigation with nationally recognized attorneys. The Russo Firm provides bilingual services for our Spanish speaking clients and a full range of legal services throughout the state of Florida and New York. They have championed for many clients suffering from abuse and negligence against individuals, large corporations, and insurance companies recovering over a billion in settlements.

Are You Seeking Help?

Take action now with The Law Center, Florida's trusted resource for legal help. Whether you’re suffering injury from a traumatic motor vehicle accident, or your business insurance is failing you during a pandemic, our legal partners will fight for you until you win. The Law Center’s partner firms have recovered billions of dollars for those hurt by the negligence of individuals, businesses, and corporations. Fill out the form or call 561-678-4584 for immediate assistance.

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