$1.4 Billion Recovered for Asbestos Victims
$28,500,000 Judgement Awarded for 8 Plaintiffs
$129,300,000 Judgement Awarded for 7 Plaintiffs
$44,600,000 Judgement Awarded for 5 Plaintiffs
$21,300,000 Judgement Awarded for 9 Plaintiffs
$2,900,000 Judgement Awarded for 1 Plaintiff
$732,400,000 Judgement Awarded for 8,431 Plaintiffs
$260,000,000 Settlement Awarded for 8,000+ Plaintiffs
$231,000,000 Settlement Awarded for 6,000+ Plaintiffs
$37,000,000 Truck Wreck Jury Verdict – Semi Truck Collision
$25,000,000 Automotive Defect/Car Accident Jury Verdict – Multiple Fatality Car Collision
$15,000,000 Personal Injury/Premises Liability Jury Verdict – Fall Resulting in Brain Injury
$32,500,000 Automotive Defect Jury Verdict – Brain Injury Due to Defective Seatbelt
$9,000,000 Malpractice Jury Verdict – Wrongful Death Suit
$5,000,000 Malpractice Jury Verdict – Montgomery Lawsuit
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What is Coronavirus/COVID-19 ?

The novel coronavirus, also referred to as “COVID-19,” is a recently discovered strain of coronavirus. This new virus is a member of a larger family of coronaviruses, only some of which cause illness in humans. Other examples of coronaviruses include, but are not limited to, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Who is at Risk of Contracting COVID-19?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “The immediate risk of being exposed to this virus is still low for most Americans, but as the outbreak expands, that risk will increase.” COVID-19 can only be transmitted between humans. There have not been any documented cases of pets showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Additionally, there is no evidence to support that pets can be a vector for the disease, meaning it is highly unlikely that the virus can be spread by pets. Those who are at risk for developing more severe coronavirus symptoms include older adults and those with previously diagnosed underlying conditions, including heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, asthma, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

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The effects of Covid-19 on our country have been staggering; between the tragic loss of life, the overwhelming rise in unemployment rates, the volatility of the market and economy as […]

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How is COVID-19 spread?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes.” Coronavirus transmission occurs most often when an infected person stands in close proximity to others. It is also possible to contract the virus by touching a surface containing the virus and then touching your face, more specifically your nose, mouth, and perhaps even your eyes. Individuals are considered most contagious when they are the sickest, but COVID-19 spread is also possible from an individual with no signs of coronavirus. COVID-19 symptoms are the same for children as they are for adults, however, children tend to present with milder symptoms; children with COVID-19 may be contagious while only exhibiting minor symptoms. To date, there have been no documented cases of transmission of COVID-19 from pets to their owners.

How is COVID-19 Contracted?

Viruses work by taking over the machinery of a healthy cell and forcing it to make duplicates of the virus, which is then able to multiply and cause the signs and symptoms we see in those who are infected by the virus.

COVID-19 Incubation period

The incubation period of an infectious disease is characterized by “the span of time during which people have developed illness after exposure.” The incubation period of COVID-19 is fourteen days.

Symptoms of COVID-19

If one has contracted the novel virus, it may take between two and fourteen days to begin experiencing symptoms.

COVID-19 symptoms include:
  • Upper respiratory symptoms, including dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • Confusion
  • Bluish lips or face

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is advised by the CDC that you seek medical attention immediately.

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COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines

As of the writing of this article, there are no vaccines or specific coronavirus treatments for the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Those who have contracted the virus may, however, receive treatment to relieve their symptoms. As there is no effective cure for COVID-19, it is best to take measures to avoid contracting the illness. The World Health Organization advises that, in order to avoid coronavirus spread, one should frequently wash their hands, cover their cough with a flexed elbow or tissue, and remain at least one meter away from those who are sneezing or coughing; this practice is known as social distancing.

How many people currently have COVID-19?

As of the writing of this article, 18,200,000 people worldwide have become ill from COVID-19. There are 4,700,000 confirmed cases in the United States.

COVID-19 Death Toll

As of the writing of this article, the coronavirus death toll is 14,496 people worldwide. 416 of these deaths come from inside the United States.

How The Law Center Can Help

If you are a business owner who is struggling to stay afloat or have been laid off from your job due to COVID-19, or if you are still employed but your workplace conditions are less than ideal and might even transgress basic employee rights, The Law Center can help. We connect our clients with the top lawyers in the country who can help them navigate these uncertain times, and get them the financial help they are entitled to.

COVID-19 Concerns – The Economic Effects of Coronavirus

While coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, was initially isolated to China, it has rapidly spread across nations and is now infecting people around the globe. As awareness of the novel virus has increased and the victim count has grown, several public security measures have been taken to “flatten the curve” and slow the rate of infection.

These preventative strategies, though necessary to slow the spread of the virus, have had drastic ramifications on the economy and society at large. Below, we’ll describe the most common and notable effects of the coronavirus outbreak. In many of these situations, the law may be on your side – hiring an attorney could be necessary to help you in these trying times.

Effects of the Coronavirus Epidemic on Mesothelioma and Asbestos Disease Patients

Coronavirus is especially dangerous for people with mesothelioma and other asbestos exposure injuries. Learn about coronavirus’s impact on this community.

Layoffs Due to COVID-19

One of the most immediate and notable repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak is the increase in layoffs across industries. Employees are either being temporarily sent home on leave or laid off entirely, particularly in job sectors where most of the work requires dealing with the public. Even with the potential to come back once business picks up again, the immediate and short-term loss of wages can be crippling for many. “Future” wages don’t mean much to those who need money to make this month’s rent.

When most Americans don’t have $1,000 saved for an emergency, it’s clear that this unemployment crisis could have long-term repercussions for individuals and the economy as a whole.

Many people are applying for unemployment for the first time and looking for other benefits to help them get through this trying period. An employment attorney can be helpful when understanding legal allowances and terms. Despite their supposed purpose, many benefits programs are difficult to decipher at best. This makes it tough for the average citizen to get the help they need until the situation improves.

Employment attorneys can help you find which programs will provide you the most benefits and how to safely and quickly transition from a paycheck to a relief check. They can also help you figure out how to make your programs last as long as needed for this crisis.

COVID-19 Is Causing Mass School Closures

School is a basic and integral part of any society. With children now all home from school, it is quickly becoming apparent how necessary it really is. In addition to the education component of day school, it’s a built in system that provides childcare and supervision for children of adults that need to work. For couples where both parents must work to make ends meet, sending their kids to school is critical.

Coronavirus has caused schools to universally close. As natural congregation areas, the potential for the virus to spread through the young population and then to their families is astronomical. While this measure is necessary from a health perspective, it has become logistically frustrating for parents who now have to account for their kids. If the parents still need to work, who can watch the kids while they’re away? Parents of young children have to make difficult choices. Many have to leave their jobs to stay home with their children. Many parents must now face the prospect of their kids remaining in school for longer to make up for lost time, which has its own consequences like family planning and retirement saving plans.

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Wedding and Event Cancellations Due To Coronavirus

The wedding industry is usually thriving, with millions of happy couples pouring thousands of dollars into planning and creating the perfect day. The coronavirus outbreak has turned these occasions sour, delaying or canceling weddings and similar events across the world. Not only is this incredibly difficult emotionally, but it’s hitting the wedding and event industry hard.

Layoffs are rampant. Many wedding planners and other wedding event vendors or service providers are freelance and live paycheck to paycheck. It’s not unreasonable that brides and grooms who can no longer go through with their big day want to get their money back. These developments are creating more economic hardship throughout the entire economic system.

Large events outside the wedding industry are being canceled as well. Many conventions – including meetings between medical and scientific professionals to discuss COVID-19 – have been canceled to prevent the virus from spreading through their populations. These cancelations are not only frustrating for the event planners and attendees, but they stop millions of dollars from contributing to local cities’ economies, and the employees who work the events.

Travel and Hospitality Industry Shaken Up From COVID-19

The travel and hospitality industries are a pair of sectors that are being hit particularly hard by the coronavirus outbreak and its economic consequences. The travel and hospitality industries both require large crowds and interactions with many others: two things the CDC and other health organizations have warned individuals to specifically avoid. Essential employees of these companies who are still required to work are now at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Additionally, many people are now unable to travel or enjoy hospitality services because they‘ve been laid off or aren’t making as much money, so they can no longer afford these luxuries.

The travel and hospitality industries can demonstrate the interconnectedness of the entire economic system. For instance, a restaurant server who loses her job now cannot afford to travel to attend the wedding she had planned to (which at this point was probably canceled anyway). This prevents her from spending money on the travel industry. This loss now leads the airlines to lay off their workers or receive lower paychecks. Those workers are now unable to contribute to the economy as they once were. The dramatic effects of the coronavirus are echoing everywhere.

Many employees in the travel and hospitality industries will need to rely on employment attorneys and other legal experts to figure out a path forward. In these cases, employment attorneys are excellent resources to help figure out what money you can receive in benefits and what your rights are in relation to your employer. Now is not the time to put off standing up for your workers’ rights, particularly when your health is at risk.

Were You Affected By Coronavirus And Need Legal Help?

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Shortage of Everyday Necessities From Coronavirus

Everyone in America is experiencing at least a mild shortage of necessities needed for day-to-day survival. As the public swarms to supermarkets and piles their shopping carts full of toilet paper, pasta, and canned goods, stripping the shelves bare, leaving many without the items they need.

Even more alarming, healthcare workers are experiencing a major shortage of protective gear, like masks and gloves. This means that many healthcare workers like doctors and nurses must work in unsafe conditions, risking the virus from spreading even further. If healthcare workers are disproportionately affected by coronavirus, the medical system’s ability to treat other infected individuals will plummet.

Like with other workers, healthcare employees should not hesitate to seek legal representation and advice if they feel unsafe.

Spiraling Economy Due To COVID-19

The nation’s entire economy is beginning to spiral out of control. Even at this early stage, it’s likely that the world economy will enter a recession. It’s also possible that the market could dip even further toward a depression.

The stock market is reaching lows across the board, leading many to try to take advantage of the chaos and buy stocks while they’re cheap. But many more are withdrawing from the stock market entirely, exacerbating the issue and driving the numbers even lower.

Ultimately, the coronavirus and its effect on the world’s population has proven definitively how interconnected every industry is with one another. People are losing money, jobs, housing, and benefits. These losses are felt even by large corporations whose profit margins are shrinking by the day.

It will take initiative and action from both world governments and the public to stop the virus from spreading and bring the cascading negative effects of the virus to recover and improve. The government has approved a $2 trillion stimulus package to boost the economy and many mortgage lenders, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are allowing borrowers to delay their mortgage payments.

Many people will likely need to rethink their retirement strategies or seek alternative means of employment while the coronavirus continues to affect hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Anyone currently out of a job or in danger of losing their job should apply for unemployment and other benefits. Contact an employment attorney to learn and understand your options.

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