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The Law Center is the trusted resource you need in this crucial time. Our journeys alongside our past clients have dictated what community support resources are necessary to drive away feelings of hopelessness and to provide the strength and confidence needed to make life-controlling decisions.

Texas Medical Community Resources

Access to comprehensive medical resources concerning treatment options, facilities and physicians.

Texas Labor & Veterans Resources

Services that foster healing and care for victims, caretakers, friends, and family. Information on services for your neighborhood.

The Law Center

The Law Center connects people who have been wrongfully injured with leading local attorneys who specialize in the practice area relevant to the injured’s case. From asbestos exposure to traumatic brain injury, to slip and fall cases, The Law Center is dedicated to ensuring that victims get matched with attorneys who will fight for them and their claim. Fill out the form below or call our always available support at 817-587-8225 for immediate assistance.

Our Featured Texas Partner, The Cain Firm

We believe that success is only worth it when you do things the right way. Our law firm is not an “injury mill.” We give personal attention to each and every client who comes to us—we know who you are and what your case is about when you call.

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At the Cain Firm our attorneys use their Texas values, moral standards, and the Grace of God to create a highly successful alternative to other overly hyped, factory-style law firms. The Cain Firm’s ultimate goal is to help those suffering in our local communities regain what has been taken from them at no fault of their own.