$1.4 Billion Recovered for Asbestos Victims
$28,500,000 Judgement Awarded for 8 Plaintiffs
$129,300,000 Judgement Awarded for 7 Plaintiffs
$44,600,000 Judgement Awarded for 5 Plaintiffs
$21,300,000 Judgement Awarded for 9 Plaintiffs
$2,900,000 Judgement Awarded for 1 Plaintiff
$732,400,000 Judgement Awarded for 8,431 Plaintiffs
$260,000,000 Settlement Awarded for 8,000+ Plaintiffs
$231,000,000 Settlement Awarded for 6,000+ Plaintiffs
$37,000,000 Truck Wreck Jury Verdict – Semi Truck Collision
$25,000,000 Automotive Defect/Car Accident Jury Verdict – Multiple Fatality Car Collision
$15,000,000 Personal Injury/Premises Liability Jury Verdict – Fall Resulting in Brain Injury
$32,500,000 Automotive Defect Jury Verdict – Brain Injury Due to Defective Seatbelt
$9,000,000 Malpractice Jury Verdict – Wrongful Death Suit
$5,000,000 Malpractice Jury Verdict – Montgomery Lawsuit
Louisiana legal, medical, and support resources for the injured

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Medical Resources in Louisiana

When someone is sick or injured through the fault of another’s negligence, one of the first actions may be to identify the right doctors and medical facilities they require for their care. Leading doctors, medical facilities, transportation services and other medical resources can be found throughout Louisiana, helping those suffering deal with a sickness or injury.

Leading Louisiana Medical Facilities

Ochsner Medical Center

Located just outside New Orleans’ city limits in Jefferson, Louisiana, Ochsner Medical Center is consistently rated as a top hospital. The Medical Center is part of the Ochsner Health System, a non-profit, academic healthcare system. Collectively, the healthcare system is focused on innovation and providing top care to their patients. Ochsner Health System participates in clinical trials and provides patients with state-of-the-art facilities that maximize recovery. Ochsner Medical offers treatment for a wide variety of health problems, but they specialize in cancer care, virtual visits, men’s health, women’s services, neurosciences, organ transplants, urgent care and ER.

To learn more about Ochsner Medical Center, visit


Willis Knighton Medical Center

The Willis Knighton Medical Center is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. In addition to the Medical Center, the campus also includes the Cancer Center, the Heart & Vascular Institute, the Progressive Care Center, the Health & Fitness Center, The Spine Institute, the Extended Care Center, the Transplant Center and the Eye Surgery Center. Willis Knighton Medical Center has received top hospital awards for cardiovascular and was listed in the top 100 hospitals in America by Thomson Reuters.

To learn more about Willis Knighton Medical Center, visit


Rapides Regional Medical Center

Rapides Regional Medical Center serves Central Louisiana from its location in downtown Alexandria, Louisiana. The center is home to the largest emergency department in the area and has the only Level II Trauma Center. In addition, the center offers 380-beds for those suffering with various diseases ranging from cancer to cardiac care, with a dedicated urgent care on site for more minor illness and injury treatment.

To learn more about Rapides Regional Medical Center, visit


St. Francis Medical Center

St. Francis Medical Center has been serving the Monroe, Louisiana community since 1913. Since then, the hospital has expanded from a 75-bed facility to a 359-bed facility, offering emergency care, surgery, imaging and more. The St. Francis Community Health Center offers labs, pharmacy, rehab and a pre-surgery clinic and physician’s offices for doctor’s visits. St. Francis is part of the Our Lady Health System, which is home to other Louisiana-based hospitals such as Our Lady of the Lake Ascension in Gonzales, Louisiana, Our Lady of the Angels Hospital in Bogalusa, Louisiana and others.

To learn more about St. Francis Medical Center, visit them at


The Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center

The Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center is part of the Ochsner Health System. With its recent expansion, the cancer center has recently doubled in size and added a new patient wellness space, a highly skilled team of doctors and specialists and semi-private chemo infusion stations. The Gayle and Tom Cancer Center has the largest clinical trial network in all of Louisiana. The center has a strong focus on early intervention and their new Hereditary Cancer Program will help support this mission by working to detect tumors early through high-risk screenings.

To learn more about The Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center, visit


Louisiana Home Care Services

Many people who are suffering through an illness choose to have their health care and treatments done from the comfort of their own home. There are many local Louisiana services who provide medical help and healthcare in the patient’s home.

Louisiana Home Health

Louisiana Home Health matches patients with a home health network near them. They specialize in everything from care transitions and home health aides to more involved home services such as infusion therapy and chronic disease management.

To learn more about Louisiana Home Health, visit

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Louisiana Homecare of Lafayette

Serving the Lafayette, Louisiana community, Louisiana Homecare of Lafayette specializes in senior home care, giving them the care they need from the comfort of their own home. Whether the senior requires health monitoring, assistance with medication or full nursing care, they provide the full range of healthcare needs.

To learn more about Louisiana Homecare of Lafayette, visit


Griswold Home Care

Griswold Home Care, a nationally acclaimed home care service, serves the communities of Acadiana, Louisiana and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Griswold has a strong emphasis on care and works hard to match patients with caregivers who are not only highly skilled, but also share personal interests and hobbies with the patient they are tasked to care for. Griswold Home Care is.

To learn more about Griswold Home Care, visit

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Bayou Home Care

Bayou Home Care is owned and operated by a group of registered nurses in Louisiana. They have been recognized in the top 25% of home health agencies and awarded as an Elite Agency by OCS Homecare and DecisionHealth. They are Medicaid certified and have locations in Pierre Part, Louisiana; Metairie, Louisiana; and Morgan City, Louisiana.

To learn more about Bayou Home Care, visit

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Mental Health Support in Louisiana

Becoming injured or receiving a cancer diagnosis is never easy. When presented with a diagnosis like mesothelioma, lung cancer, a traumatic brain injury or any illness, it is often helpful to speak with other patients or family members who are experiencing or who have gone through similar health concerns. Speaking about your fears and learning coping tools can greatly improve morale when going through an illness. Below are mental health support facilities patients can turn to for psychological help. Read The Law Center Louisiana stories -- individuals who have been helped by our Louisiana legal partners.

Willis Knighton Cancer Center

The Willis Knighton Cancer Center is a top center for cancer patients in Louisiana, but they are also a favorable place for those seeking counsel. The center offers a variety of support groups for both patients and their families. Their general cancer support group helps patients overcome the challenges that arise after a cancer diagnosis and during treatment. They also have a “Coping with…Cancer” workshop, which helps patients with medications, eating well and healthy tips to help fight the disease. Other groups include a man to man group, a woman to woman group and even a group that helps with skincare and makeup tips to help patients feel beautiful.

To learn more about support services Willis Knighton Cancer Center, visit https://www.wkhs.com/cancer/support-services

Cancer Services, Baton Rouge

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Cancer Services is dedicated to helping cancer patients and survivors cope with their diagnosis. Their cancer support groups allow members to connect with people in similar situations and speak about their concerns in a comforting space, learn coping skills and reduce overall anxiety. Cancer Services also offers counseling and children and family services.

To learn more about Cancer Services, Baton Rouge, visit https://cancerservices.org/


Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Covington and Hammond, Louisiana; Gonzales, Louisiana; and Houma, Louisiana. Their programs—called survivorship programs—help survivors overcome their diagnosis and live healthy and fulfilling lives. Some of their programs include mind-body together support groups, therapeutic massage, yoga, mindfulness meditation instruction and healing arts.

To learn more about Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, visit https://marybird.org/


Feist-Weiller Cancer Center

Feist-Weiller Cancer Center is part of LSU Health of Shreveport. Their support groups are led by a certified group psychotherapist and a registered nurse and focus on teaching patients how to overcome their medical illness by sharing their struggle with others in the same situation. They also offer an Arts in Medicine program, which lets patients paint during treatment as a form of stress relief.

To learn more about Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, visit https://www.lsuhs.edu/centers/feist-weiller-cancer-center


Construction & General Laborer Union

Created in 1936, the Construction & General Laborer Union is located in New Orleans, Louisiana along Soniat Street. Those who are suffering after a construction workplace accident may find benefit in contacting the construction union, in addition to contacting a Louisiana workplace injury lawyer.


Iron Workers Union

Iron’s workers Union’s local Louisiana chapter is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The union operates in both the United States and Canada. It trains, protects and represents iron workers, construction workers, shipbuilders, metal fabrication employees and others.


Laborers Local

Laborers Local is an industrial union located in New Orleans, Louisiana. There are similar Laborers Local Unions in Lake Charles, Louisiana (Laborers Local 207 & 99), along with Laborers International Union of North American in Slaughter, Louisiana and Laborers’ International Union in Shreveport, Louisiana.


Pipeline Construction Workers

This labor organization focuses on those who worked with pipeline construction in and near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Louisiana Veteran Resources

Veterans, the men and women who sacrificed themselves to protect us and our country must be treated with an exceptional level of respect. It is our duty as Americans to ensure our veterans’ needs are taken care of when they return from their service. Many navy and coast guard veterans were exposed to asbestos and now have severe injuries from the exposure. If you are a veteran in Louisiana who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer or a similar asbestos-related disease, or need help in a different capacity, Louisiana has veteran programs put in place to get you the medical help you need. Veterans who have been sick or injured should contact The Law Center to get legal help.

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Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs

The Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs (LDVA) provides a variety of different programs and services to veterans in the state. From a crisis hotline to jobs and legislation, the LDVA should be a first stop for all veterans who need assistance. To learn more about Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs, visit https://www.vetaffairs.la.gov/


Veterans Coming Home

Veterans Coming Home is a platform used around the country to help connect veterans with resources that will help them return and acclimate to normal life.

To learn more about Veterans Coming Home, visit http://veteranscominghome.org/

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