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The Law Center is the trusted resource you need in this crucial time. Our past clients have been patients, sufferers, and survivors. Our journeys with them have dictated what cancer community support resources are necessary to drive away feelings of hopelessness and to provide the strength and confidence needed to make life-controlling decisions.

Legal Cancer Community Resources

Connect with the critical legal sources you need to understand your exposure, verify your eligibility for compensation and fight for your rights.

Medical Cancer Community Resources

Access to comprehensive medical resources concerning treatment options and facilities and physicians that specialize in cancers and illnesses related to exposure to hazardous products, devices, or drugs.

Community Cancer Statistics

Find cancer key statistics including incidences, national and state trends, survival rates and key risk factors. Use these stats to understand your cancer and to have informed discussions with your medical team.


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Community Screening & Testing

National and local information for cancer screenings, lung cancer screenings, and asbestos exposure tools. Continuously updated to include the latest for screenings near you.

Screenings / Testing

Call 833-716-0087 for immediate legal assistance. Check back soon for more screening or testing resources.

Community & Caretaker Support

Services that foster healing and care for cancer victims, caretakers, friends, and family. Information on both digital and in-person services for your neighborhood.


Call 833-716-0087 for immediate legal assistance. Check back soon for more support resources.

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