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The Law Center is the trusted resource you need in this crucial time. Our journeys alongside our past clients have dictated what community support resources are necessary to drive away feelings of hopelessness and to provide the strength and confidence needed to make life-controlling decisions.

Florida Medical Community Resources

Access to comprehensive medical resources concerning treatment options, facilities and physicians.

Florida Labor & Veterans Resources

Services that foster healing and care for victims, caretakers, friends, and family. Information on services for your neighborhood.

The Law Center

The Law Center’s mission is to help people who have been wrongfully injured by others. The Law Center pairs people who have been made sick or injured by the negligence of another with the local attorneys who specialize in the practice area relevant to the injured’s case. With a network of leading attorneys throughout the country, whether you are looking for an attorney for an asbestos exposure case, a traumatic brain injury lawsuit, a slip and fall claim among many others, The Law Center will connect you with a dedicated and caring legal team. Fill out the form below or call our always available support at 561-678-4584 for immediate assistance.

Our Featured Florida Partner, The Russo Firm

The attorneys at The Russo Firm have been involved in cases resulting in settlements in excess of $1 Billion. Our attorneys have a long track record of success and have been involved in numerous landmark legal cases over the past 25 years. Our commitment is evidenced in the proven results of our verdicts and settlements.

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The Russo Firm takes pride in client relationships and are privileged to have served them in litigation with nationally recognized attorneys. The Russo Firm provides bilingual services for our Spanish speaking clients and a full range of legal services throughout the state of Florida and New York. They have championed for many clients suffering from abuse and negligence against individuals, large corporations, and insurance companies recovering over a billion in settlements.