$1.4 Billion Recovered for Asbestos Victims
$28,500,000 Judgement Awarded for 8 Plaintiffs
$129,300,000 Judgement Awarded for 7 Plaintiffs
$44,600,000 Judgement Awarded for 5 Plaintiffs
$21,300,000 Judgement Awarded for 9 Plaintiffs
$2,900,000 Judgement Awarded for 1 Plaintiff
$732,400,000 Judgement Awarded for 8,431 Plaintiffs
$260,000,000 Settlement Awarded for 8,000+ Plaintiffs
$231,000,000 Settlement Awarded for 6,000+ Plaintiffs
$37,000,000 Truck Wreck Jury Verdict – Semi Truck Collision
$25,000,000 Automotive Defect/Car Accident Jury Verdict – Multiple Fatality Car Collision
$15,000,000 Personal Injury/Premises Liability Jury Verdict – Fall Resulting in Brain Injury
$32,500,000 Automotive Defect Jury Verdict – Brain Injury Due to Defective Seatbelt
$9,000,000 Malpractice Jury Verdict – Wrongful Death Suit
$5,000,000 Malpractice Jury Verdict – Montgomery Lawsuit
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