Florida Home Care Services

Many who are suffering through an illness or injury prefer to be treated and cared for at home. Florida residents have a variety of options for home health care including home hospice care, home based therapies and treatments, and day to day medical aid. There are several agencies in Florida that can assist with home care at various stages of illness and injury.

Agency for Health Care Administration

Cancer patients who are covered by Medicaid qualify for home visits by a registered nurse or practical nurse as well as a home health aide. 

Learn more about the Agency for Health Care Administration at: https://ahca.myflorida.com/medicaid/Policy_and_Quality/Policy/behavioral_health_coverage/spec_health_serv/Home_Health.shtml 

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Encompass Health

Partnered with Jupiter Medical Center, Encompass Health provides in-home health care after discharge from the hospital. Care includes home nurse practitioners, aides, and medical social workers. There are also specialty programs for patients who are post-surgery or for those at higher risk for falls, such as those suffering from traumatic brain injuries and the elderly. 

Learn more about Encompass Health at: https://www.jupitermed.com/wellness/in-home-care-services/services

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Responsive Home Care

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Responsive Home Care provides a number of services related to home care, including companionship, housekeeping, and coordinating care and transportation to and from the hospital. 

Learn more about Responsive Home Care at: https://www.responsive-homecare.com/services

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Community Palliative and Hospice 

Providing palliative care and hospice care, Community Palliative and Hospice services 16 counties in North Central and Northeast Florida. Utilizing the help of their employees in addition to volunteers, they provide care at home for those with advanced illnesses, such as mesothelioma and other asbestos related cancers.

Learn more about Community Palliative and Hospice at: https://www.communityhospice.com/about

Florida Patient Transport Services

For injured and ill patients who are unable to transport themselves to their medical appointments, there are a variety of treatment support services for medical transport within and throughout Florida for residents to choose from. All Florida transportation services are dedicated to providing efficient and dignified transport for those in need.

Tri-County Medical Transportation Inc. 

Family owned and operated, Tri-County Medical Transportation Inc. serves South Florida and was created “as an answer to the growing need for quality medical transportation to meet the needs of workers compensation claimants in South Florida.” They provide both medical transportation and medical translation services. 

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Learn more about Tri-County Medical Transportation at: http://tcmtransportation.com/services

Medical Transport Services

For long distance medical transport within Florida and nationwide, Medical Transport Services offers ground and air transport with highly trained medical professionals on staff to escort and aid patients on their medical transfers. 

Learn more about Medical Transport Services at: https://www.medicaltransportservices.com/long-distance-medical-transport

ACC Medlink Medical Transport Service

With a range of services including inter-state transport and short distance non-emergency medical transport, ACC Medlink services elderly, bariatric, and patients with a variety of medical needs. 

Learn more about ACC Medlink Medical Transport at: https://medic-trans.com/florida-medical-transport

MTM (Medical Transport of Missouri)

As MTM says “The best healthcare services in the world can’t help you if you have no way to get there.” MTM’s mission is to make sure you “get there” so your lack of transportation ability doesn’t get in the way of your treatment and recovery. With locations in Naples, Florida; Tampa, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida, MTM will make sure you have access to your healthcare providers. 

Learn more about MTM at: https://www.mtm-inc.net/healthcare/nemt

Mental Health Support in Florida 

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and support groups, both in person and online, can lend much needed mental health support to those struggling with an illness or injury. Below are treatment support services  for mental health help in Florida. 

Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation

Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation offers telephonic support groups, as well as private support Facebook groups, providing online alternatives for people suffering with mesothelioma. Both methods of support have multiple groups for mesothelioma patients, caretakers, and relatives.  

Learn more about Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation at: https://www.curemeso.org/mesothelioma-treatment-plan/patient-support-and-resources/mesothelioma-support-groups-for-patients-caregivers-bereaved

Encompass Health

In addition to home health care, Encompass Health also offers in-home social work to both assess and help with mental and emotional hardships patients may be struggling with. Servicing 12 locations throughout Florida, Encompass Health also has cancer support groups who meet at the Jupiter Medical center every other week.

Learn more about Encompass health at: https://www.jupitermed.com/wellness/support-groups

Live for Today Foundation

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Live for Today Foundation provides cancer patients between  18 and 35 years of age with opportunities to meet others going through similar health concerns as they enjoy various events and programs. Live for Today is a group to bring together and inspire cancer patients to continue “living their best lives,” even while enduring the pain of cancer.

Learn more about Live for Today at: https://www.live-for-today.org

Daily Strength 

Daily Strength is an online forum that has a host of support groups consisting of chat boards where members can post concerns, personal testimonies, and words of encouragement. Support group topics range from from brain and nervous system injuries to anxiety disorders to cancer support. These groups are available for patients, their families, and caregivers. 

Learn more about Daily Strength at: https://www.dailystrength.org/group/brain-injury

Community Hospice and Palliative Care

For patients with advanced terminal illness, Community Hospice provides programs for psychological support, therapies including pet and music therapy, and bereavement counseling and support, among other resources.

To learn more about Community Hospice and Palliative Care visit: https://www.communityhospice.com/media/1936/chpc-fact-sheet.pdf

Florida Legal Assistance

Personal Injury Legal Help 

The Russo Firm

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The Law Center 

The Law Center’s mission is to connect the injured and ill with the local legal teams who are best equipped to hold the negligent party responsible for causing the injury or illness accountable, and who are experts at obtaining the maximum compensation for their clients. To be connected with a leading Florida lawyer today, call 561-678-4584 or fill out the form below.