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The Cain Firm is partnered with The Law Center to help North Texans connect with the legal and medical information they need to take action with their personal injury claim.

The Cain Firm and The Law Center have partnered together to help North Texans navigate their personal injury claim by providing the necessary legal and medical information needed to determine a legitimate case. With a team of passionate and legal professionals, we will listen to your story and gather the evidence to prove you have been harmed and deserve compensation.

Honest. Ethical. Trustworthy.

The Cain Firm's experienced staff is knowledgeable about the Texas justice system, how to identify and respond to a wide variety of legal cases. The team takes take pride in their traditional Texas values and high moral character, ensuring every single person gets the individual attention that they deserve. The Cain Firm is not a generic solution: they are true believers in the betterment of the community. When you need a little help for anything from a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, or just some help navigating your way through the outside world, The Cain Firm is here to help.

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I highly recommend Brett and The Cain Firm if you’ve been in a car wreck and have a few questions to ask an experienced attorney. I can attest to the fact that Integrity is a top priority of their organization!

Austin E.

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(Brett Cain) retains professionalism and strong guidance while amicable to your situation. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation to anyone seeking council.

M Haze

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From start to finish I was treated with care and concern. Brett Cain didn’t make me feel like just another person. Honestly, I can’t express how happy I am with the Brett Cain Law Firm.

Charissa M.

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Everybody at Cain Law Firm was very inviting, professional, and personable. They took everything into their hands and did not disappoint. I would use them several times over.

Erica M.

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Cain Firm will stop at nothing to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries, while guiding you through the legal process every step of the way.


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Our Mission

At the Cain Firm, a Texas-based personal injury law firm, our mission is to stand up to the wrongdoing of others and help personal injury victims make their tough circumstances more tolerable by servicing our clients with respect and understanding while getting them the compensation they deserve. From the first phone call through to the resolution of the case, the Cain Firm provides North Texans with the support they need to navigate their personal injury claims.

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The Cain Firm is featured in national media, local press, and major publications.

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About Brett Cain, Founding Partner

Born and raised in Texas, Brett Cain, founding partner of the Cain Firm, a Texas-based personal injury firm, prides himself on righting the wrongs of others. Starting out as a prosecuting attorney for the state of Texas working to put criminals behind bars, Cain has now focused his attention to holding insurance companies accountable for Texas families. As a Super Lawyer Rising Star, according to Texas Monthly, Brett Cain feels helping personal injury victims stand up to big insurance companies and get the compensation they deserve is his calling.

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About Cain Firm

The Law Center partner, the Cain Firm, services personal injury victims throughout Texas. They have offices in Granbury, Dallas and Houston.

With millions recovered for personal injury victims over the years, the personal injury lawyers at the Cain Firm let integrity guide their actions as they work to replace what clients have lost, making the Texas community safer as a result.