Car accident lawsuits are not limited to just the drivers involved in an accident. Other passengers and pedestrians may also have a claim if they are involved in a car accident because they usually do not bear any responsibility for the damage or injury they incur. Drivers have a duty to follow common rules associated with driving such as basic rules of the road, driving within the speed limit, and paying attention to the road. Furthermore, there are strong rules in every state against driving intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when driving as it can lead to serious accidents. When a driver violates these rules and causes an accident, they will often be liable for the damage incurred by the party injured due to their negligence.

When an individual or personal injury attorney is seeking compensation after a car accident, it is likely that they will also be dealing with an insurance company. 

Car accidents often lead to long-term medical injuries, such as severely broken bones or torn muscles. Furthermore, there is usually significant property damage to the car itself and mental anguish to the driver or passengers involved. Often in a car accident lawsuit, plaintiffs are seeking compensation for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering as a result of the accident. A plaintiff might also seek loss of consortium or wrongful death if the accident was lethal. Finally, if the driver responsible for the accident was critically irresponsible, such as driving drunk, a plaintiff might also seek punitive damages for the defendant’s actions.

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As with any type of personal injury lawsuit, car accident lawsuits differ from state to state regarding statutes of limitations and types of negligence. Some states look at the actions of both drivers involved in the accident and could reduce or eliminate the negligence of a driver if the court finds a shared responsibility in the accident. This is known as comparative negligence and contributory negligence. If you were involved in a car accident and believe you are owed compensation, it is best you speak to a car accident lawyer to review the necessary steps and actions as soon as possible. 

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Truck accidents will often have similar causes as car accidents involving normal passenger vehicles. Truck accidents can have other causes as well. Truck drivers are often on the road for long hours as they try to complete shipments across long distances, leading to fatigue and in turn, a higher chance for error. Large semi truck accidents can also be caused by inadequate training with the machinery of the vehicle. For example, many truck drivers need special training in making right turns as the truck needs enough space, usually two lanes, to make the turn successfully. This leads to situations where the driver did not take enough precaution with their turn, either failing and hitting stationary property or possibly other vehicles occupying those lanes.

Semi truck accidents are susceptible to unique accidents known as jackknifing in situations where the road is slick from rain or snow. When a truck improperly brakes in such conditions the tractor and trailer parts of the truck can face different directions and fold together like a pocket knife, causing the driver to lose control and an accident to occur. Truck accidents can be more dangerous than the average car crash if there is dangerous cargo on board as well. Drivers and companies can be found liable for toxic or hazardous material that spills onto the roadway after an accident.

Many of the compensations common to truck accident lawsuits are the same as those that arise from car accident lawsuits. The biggest difference is that most often there are other parties who will be brought into the lawsuit. These third party entities include the employer of the truck driver, the trucking company, or the owner of the cargo onboard the truck. However, the rules involving truck accident lawsuits, especially concerning bringing a company or commercial entity into the lawsuit, can vary from state to state so it is important to speak to an experienced truck accident attorney for advice on how to best move forward with a truck accident claim.

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In their slim stature, motorcycles might also not be as easily or as quickly recognized in mirrors by other drivers which can lead to an accident, especially during lane switching. Furthermore, because of the motorcycle’s small build, it’s important the machinery is strong and there are no defects, especially when driving at high speeds. Misalignments or manufacturing faults can cause the vehicle to wobble at high speeds, which could lead to a deadly accident. Since these vehicle defects can turn out to be catastrophic, there are often more product liability lawsuits against manufacturers of motorcycles when compared to other vehicle accident lawsuits.

Every state has differing rules regarding motorcyclists’ requirement to wear helmets, which can affect the severity of injuries received and change the liability in a lawsuit. Because of this, compensatory damages can vary, and it is best to speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer about how to best proceed with a claim.

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